Cloudbuster Gazette 

February 12, 2020

Welcome to the Cloudbuster Gazette, a usually monthly update on club meetings, events, news, and other fun stuff.

The next club meeting will be Thursday March 12, 2020 at Charlie's Chicken in Grove, show up around 6pm to eat meeting at 7pm


The February 2020 meeting was attended by 12 members and 9 guests

The January meeting notes and treasurers report were read and accepted

The Runway repairs were discussed, Curtis received a quote for dirt work that was rejected, pulling back the existing petro mat and repairing the dirt underneath was discussed, no action was taken

The possible club rc swap meet was discussed, Roy reported the City will allow the club to use a room in the civic center for free, the radio station will advertise it for free, Roy will check on having the sale added to the city marque, The sale will be held between now and flying season or so maybe.

Susan asked about setting up a table at the food truck friday events to promote the club, Roy and Susan will work on flyers or brochures and locate the cards

Roy and Jason reminded members to send in their comments to FAA about the remote ID proposed ruling and to not use the form letters provided by AMA or others.

Meeting was adjourned


Things To Ponder

“ No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar”

Abraham Lincoln

“ All generalizations are false including this one”

Mark Twain

“Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.”

Mae West

    fly safe and fly often
Official unofficial disclaimer:
 The previous statements are not the policy or opinions of the current and or past OK/RC Cloudbusters administration, or members,  any of the staff , management or members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics,

but they should be.



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