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April 11, 2019

Welcome to the Cloudbuster Gazette, a usually monthly update on club meetings, events, news, and other fun stuff.

The next club meeting will be Thursday May 9, at Charlie's Chicken in Grove, OK, show up around 6pm to eat, meeting at 7pm


April OKRC Meeting Notes

Meeting was attended by 9 members and 5 guests

March minutes and Treasurers report were given and accepted

Jason read a note from Susan showing her disappointment in the club members on the lack of participation and missed  opportunities by club members not showing up for the Tech know event.

Roy thanked Ron, John,and Jim for taking care of the Club field lawn, Roy asked John to stop mowing beyond the set boundaries as it it eating into Fireman Joe's hay profits. Roy praised Ron for cleaning out and organizing the storage shed and replacing the lock.

Roy reported the Low Flying Aircraft sign has been moved into the trees away from the incoming aircraft

Roy discussed holding off on investing in a trainer until more demand for one is needed

It was decided to have an open fun fly May 11th at the club field. Inviting the local car club to show their cars was discussed with a wide lack of understanding, clarity and enthusiasm from club members, no action was taken on the car club.

Cindy reported the Vo-Tech has two new Apprentice RC planes they will assemble, Roy suggested inviting the Pre-Eng. Class to the fun fly to fly their planes with assistance from the club members.

Jason proposed the club members organize a promotional and PR group to handle events, shows, advertising and public relations for the Club, members showed no interest nor understanding of the importance, no action was taken

Meeting was adjourned



Things To Ponder


“ All I care about is R/C stuff, beer and maybe a few people”

Aussie RC Playground

“Change is not a four letter word… but often your reaction to it is!” – Jeffrey Gitomer

“A clear conscience is a sure sign of a bad memory.” – Mark Twain


fly safe and fly often
Official unofficial disclaimer:
 The previous statements are not the policy or opinions of the current and or past OK/RC Cloudbusters administration, or members,  any of the staff , management or members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics,

but they should be.



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